Longford Writer Pens Children’s Story

Eileen Moynihan's book launch

Tarmonbarry-based author Eileen Moynihan launched her latest book, ‘Rory Gumboots’ during the summer.

The book tells the story of Rory Gumboots, a hedgehog who lives with his friends in Noddinghead Nook. They live in peace and serenity in the woods until one day the quiet of their home is shattered by monster machines, and none of the animals don’t know what to do.

“The animals have a meeting, and it’s there that the owl reveals the machines are made by men,” Eileen explains. “They seek advice from Professor Puffanwheeze, who’s a naturalist, and who is worried when he hears of the problem.”

Eileen hints that the key to the animals’ success could lie in a rare flower called a lady slipper, which the professor discovers growing in Noddinghead Nook, while two of the characters, Horace Hare and Fernando Fox, try their best to upset things.

First published as an e-book, ‘Rory Gumboots’ was originally released without illustrations, but now it is available in paperback, complete with beautiful illustrations from Epublishingexperts, and Eileen also ran a competition, where local children were invited to submit their own illustrations, with the winners in the two categories – 4-5 years old, and 6-8 years-old announced at the book’s launch, which took place at the Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre on June 7.

An active member of Longford Writers’ Group, Eileen also recently completed a writing course monitored by writer Alan McMonagle, who spoke at the lanch of ‘Rory Gumboots’ in Ardagh.

“I always liked animal stories when I was younger, such as the ones by Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, and Alison Uttley,” Eileen says, before adding: “I’d like to inspire children to read books.”

Eileen also announced that she is currently finishing work on another book, intriguingly titled ‘The Reckolahesperus’, which is due to be released this autumn.

“It’s about a child who is told he looks like the wreck of the Hesperous,” she continues. “He doesn’t know what that means, and he comes to the conlusion that it’s a creature that only comes out at night when he’s asleep.”