Longford’s Soon­ to­ be Stateside star

Backstage Play - Longford co-writer

By Aoife Carberry

Longford will be ably represented on the national, and international, stage this year, thanks to Aughnacliffe actor Liam Heslin.
Liam, a graduate of the renowned Lir Academy, has landed a role in the iconic ‘The Plough and the Stars’, produced by the Abbey Theatre.

Earlier this year, Liam had to opt out of a production of ‘The Poor Little Boy With No Arms’, which he co­wrote with fellow Lir graduates and Mikel Murfi, after securing the role of Captain Brennan in the historic play.

Set amid the Easter Rising, the play has almost completed its Dublin run, after which it will travel around Ireland.

Later this year, Liam and his co­stars will journey across the Atlantic for an exciting USA tour, a first for the 29­ year­ old actor.

“I’ve never been to the States, so I’m really looking forward to it,” he admitted.

“I’ve travelled for work but not as far as America”.

While it’s a big step in his career, Liam isn’t worried about how the audiences might differ to those in Ireland, which is mostly due to his confidence in the play.

“If the work is good and it speaks to people, then it doesn’t matter where they’re from,” he concluded.