Attic Tragedy – Michael Croghan

A film response to the poem UNDER THE AEGIS by Kieran Furey

UNDER THE AEGIS by Kieran Furey

We know you’re up there, Zeus,
The way you hold your black shield over us.

You think we think a thunder cloud
Could look like this,
All flat and beaten, leaden
In the vastness of its middle
And with burnished copper round its mighty rim?

Wise up, Zeus. This is midlands Ireland.
Here in the middle of the bog
We don’t get clouds like this.

We know why you’re doing it, too.
It’s to shield us from the sun
That we so seldom see or feel;
In case the light and heat of it
Might dazzle, blind and melt us;
For fear its burning Cyclops’ eye
Would toast, for once, the bogman in us.

Do you know what, Zeus?
We think we’d like to see the risk we run.
Can’t you find some other fish to fry
Across the bloody Shannon?

Sitting here this summer day
Under the enormity of your ancient aegis
Has us pissed off, under the weather.
Lighten up, Zeus. Give us a break
In the cloud.