But on the Contrary… – Eddy Bisi-adepoju & Pauline Flood


Little lost county in the heart of the motherland
Breath taking countryside with panoramic views
A fisherman’s paradise in the north of the county
And a haven of flowers, the honeybees bounty.

But on the contrary, weekend revellers carelessly discard,
Litter on footpaths, beer cans beneath benches,
Chip bags and foil containers has our countryside marred
And some ignorant people bury rubbish in trenches.

The O’Farrell County is a place of great renown
Dotted with castles on hinterland fortresses
Once vacated by lords and ladies of the crown
Longfort Uí Fhearghaill remains the ultimate hostess.

St. Mel’s Cathedral arose from the ashes of 2009
Like the immortal phoenix from the ancient rhyme,
And once again stands tall over Longford’s mankind
With elegance, splendour, and majesty divine.

Rumour has it that Vikings once stopped off here
On their way to plunder further south in Waterford and Wexford
But on seeing how fiercely vicious our warriors appeared
Niall and his Norsemen fled via the Camlin from Longford.

Nowadays if you per chance, bypass our thoroughfare
You’ll be met on the roadside by a gigantic fiddle
Partly buried on the hillside, some think this quare!
But on the contrary, tis quaint, this hey diddle diddle!

Padraig Colum poet, once taught in our Poorhouses
As scholar, educator, tutor, though solemn and meek
But now on the contrary, Longford boasts of whorehouses!
Tell me, is this the comfort Longfordian males really seek?

Here in Longford we lack hotels, third level colleges and more
Whilst other big cities and towns gather amenities by the score
But on the contrary, we now have our own Longford Forest!
A centre Park near Ballymahon, and a dangling carrot for the tourists.

With commemorations for 1916 just on the horizon
we prepare to honour our heroes from the Easter Rising
while those in power hand out millions to stage these events
Hospitals and factories close down, and the moneys all spent.

But on the contrary we do nothing but sit on our backsides
And as usual pass the book to whom ever we can
While our county and town is taken for yet another ride!
“send all to Longford, criminals, migrants, “Yeah that’s the Plan!

On the contrary I think the people of Longford are Fab!
Their hearts are in the right place for a start,
Sure its the indigenous people that I speak of, tis true
Make no mistake about it, and exclaim Longford ABU!

Notes: ABU is an old celtic saying meaning winner!