Longford 1968 – Gordon Farrell Eileen Moynihan

Longford 1968 by Eileen Moynihan

‘Market Square’
The gravel heart
Of a market town
A desert of grit
With an oasis of a
Corrugated swimming-pool
Hot summer days in June
Girls bedecked in
Daring bikinis giggle
And scream seeking
A look from young
Longford lads who
Dive from the top board
Skilfully aware of
Their prowess as they
Slice through the
Shimmering water
To admiring eyes

Out from the square
Down the grey stone streets
Of a garrison town
Bunting flutters in the breeze
Past shops and houses
To St. Mel’s Cathedral
Magnificent building
Commanding respect
From its citizens pious
And otherwise who
Are dipped, fed and slapped,
Joined and despatched in a
Holy sequence of events
Outside sacred
Window displays
People rush
To meet Corpus Christi
Processing reverently.