One Remaining – Deirdre O Byrne & Margaret Dowd

A film response to the poem One remaining by Kathleen Dowd

One Remaining by Kathleen Dowd

I remember a time when “I’ll take you home again Kathleen” Filled the air
Market Days united town and country with tales to share.
Rich manure carpeted the streets and the aroma long after remained.
Many a farmer haggled, but mucky streets meant trade, so no one complained.

Public house/Grocer many a mucky foot walked, delighted with the custom they welcomed all.
Maxwell’s met the needs of many where the exchange of a cork covered a meal for a boy.
Stout for the men, tea for the ladies, the little Chislers red lemonade best treat of all.
There is only one remaining trapped in a time of simplicity and joy.