Poet Says it Like She Feels

Often the precise eye of a fellow craftsman is required to fully appreciate the intricate detail and skill that goes in to creating something of beauty within that selected field.  For that reason, the high praise heaped on local poet Mary Melvin Geoghegan’s new collection of poetry by her fellow poets and authors lend serious credence to the quality of the work.

The poet and writer Nuala Ni Chonchuir refers to Mary’s “obvious delight in words” while praising her new collection, Say it Like a Paragraph, as “engaging economy and playfulness with language and original thought” to deliver up its riches.  Ni Chonchuir is just one of many esteemed poets who have lavished praise on this collection.

Say it Like a Paragraph is Mary’s fourth collection of poetry and is one that is inspired by journeys both personal and physical, the poet has taken since the death of her father in 2008.

“My last collection was very much borne out of coming to terms with my father’s death.  This collection is basically what has happened in my life since and all of the different journeys that I have taken.  Its life jumping out at you:  the coincidences of existence strike me as I feel obliged to put them together2.

While speaking with Mary who is also associate editor of Eurochild anthology of children’s art work it’s easy to understand her ability to find poetry in the rhythms of every day life. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious.

Her poetry finds the immense in the mundane, delivered succinctly with an underlying tenderness that never threatens to spill over into cliché.  The process of writing poems is sudden, she tells me.

“If something arrests me I get a prompt and in many cases I don’t know what the poem wants to say.”  As a result her poems in this collection are short, they come to the point quickly and focus on imagery rather than metaphor.

“At times I’m completely astonished by an experience unravelling a synchronicity that leaves me breathless, grateful, sad, amused and wanting to capture that life in its twists and turns inside a poem.

The launch of the collection takes place in the Backstage Theatre on 17th October.