Respond 2 – New Creative Writing Collaborative Project

Let me tell you about a new creative writing collaborative project bearing the highly original title – Respond 2

Following the success of last year’s creative writing/visual arts collaborative project – Respond – we propose to repeat the experience by arranging a creative writing/film – digital arts collaborative project entitled – Respond 2.

Lorne PattersonWe are inviting all creative writers to submit a piece of poetry or prose on a simple theme of – Longford – to our project’s literary editor Lorne Patterson.  Ten submissions will be accepted and the ten writers will be then introduced to ten local film makers/digital artists who will respond to the literary work through a three minute piece of digital art.

The literary pieces will be read and the digital responses shown in the Canal Studio Backstage in December and both will be exhibited on and the website still under construction . The participants will also feature in the next issue of the Midlands Arts & Culture Magazine.

Lorne has set out below the rules for submitting writing to be considered for the project: 

Objective:  to create ten ‘YouTube’ film clips (of maximum 3 minutes) from ten poems/pieces of prose – on some aspect of Co Longford.

Literary terms of reference:

Provide an insight into Co Longford – either personal, geographical, historical, cultural, literary, mythological, or a mix of these. But whatever approach you chose remember, your work has to be interpreted within a three-minute filmed time-frame.  Poems maximum 40 lines / prose maximum 1,000 words.

Submission:  Submit online to by 6pm, Friday August 30th.

Since the chosen written pieces will be ‘published’/interpreted in a new form (i.e. digital/visual), the piece of prose/poetry you submit to me CAN have been published before. Again, to be clear, it does not have be a new piece of writing.

Selection: The editor will select ten written pieces from the pieces submitted. The pieces will be chosen on the basis of originality, potential for visualisation, and diversity.

As with the Respond I project, there will then be a randomised allocation to ten film producers during an evening at the Backstage.

Remember all submissions to Lorne – the literary editor and project manager – and not to the Arts Office.

Go ahead and have a try – it was good fun and very successful last year and I’m sure that it will be equally so this year.